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Why Email Marketing? And why in 2024?

More than Open rate and Click rate...

Email Marketing is one of the most profitable channels when it comes to ROI in eCommerce.

In a world where everyone is running after new clients, be the one who chooses to build a relationship of trust with the existing ones. 

Basically, you capitalize on all your investment so far, which you brought to your online store. With eMail Marketing, you convince them to come back to buy from you again.

We start today and work together so that the e-mails you send bring you more sales. 

We increase profit, and your costs go down.

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Increase the profitability of your business

The eMail Marketing Agency - we connect you with your customers through dedicated campaigns

It is one of the most effective methods to increase sales. It offers you a direct way to reach your customers with messages personalized, relevant and attractive.

If you want to increase sales and audience, or strengthen your brand image on the market, with eMail Marketing you will reach your goals more easily and quickly.

I was working for you and we customize the eMail Marketing strategy to adapt to your needs, budget and objectives.

The tool that turns email contacts into sales

Why you need powerful eMail Marketing campaigns for your business

Email Marketing can be a powerful tool in your online marketing arsenal, due to its ability to reach your customers directly. mdirect marketing is considered one of the most effective methods to increase sales and to retain existing customers.

You can offer your customers personalized, tailored messages need and ptheir individual references. This helps to build a strong and trusting relationship with your customers, which can lead to an increase in their loyalty and loyalty to your brand.

Through the transmission of attractive offers and well-formulated marketing messages, encourage customers to buy your products and services. eMail Marketing can also be used to increase the degree of awareness of your brand.

You want to convert the database with email addresses into most profitable sales tool? Our specialists help you increase the profitability of your business with the help of eMail Marketing.

Why eComMasters?

You have 4 reasons to choose our eMail Marketing agency:

We grow the subscriber base of your store

Where there are many, power increases. We transmit your messages to more potential buyers, with the solution of active audience growth.

We transform visitors into loyal buyers

The first purchase is never forgotten. And after that, everything becomes natural, with our retention and loyalty strategy.

We actively monitor and constantly optimize

We do not sleep on one ear. We monitor each campaign and find solutions for better results from one month to the next.

We design data-driven automations

Higher sales, even when you sleep. We set the most important automations to sell throughout the year.

I used them all

Platforms in which we are experts

You have 4 options for promoting your business online.

Choose the best one!

Do nothing

You focus on traffic and hope it works. You no longer have time for business or growth. Your business decreases or increases uncontrollably and unpredictably. Hope is not a strategy.


You develop everything only with your own resources: time, people, money. You form a new team to develop, manage and maintain your growth strategy. You work to create something that already exists.

Another agency

You get the generic "Recipe for success" for any online store. You implement internally, without responsibility for the results. An analysis is only half the effort, without concrete actions.


We take over everything related to our product from you. We create a tactical strategy and implement it for you. From A to Z, with experts and dedicated tools. You have time for business, transparent reporting and visible sales results.

We reduce costs and increase profit

Why work with the eComMasters team for your eMail Marketing strategy?

What is the process?

Concrete steps for eMail Marketing campaigns that bring sales

Strategy and planning Audit of eMail Marketing

Definition of Strategy & Work Plan

Creative Concept

ESP integration

ESP setup

Increasing the subscriber base

Execution and optimization


Are you still curious about eMail Marketing?

eMail Marketing represents one of the easiest, most direct and most effective forms of promoting a product or service, as well as stimulating the loyalty of an audience. Through it you can communicate with a group of people, convincing them to do a certain action, such as making a purchase, reserving a product, signing up for a contest or registering for an event.

Why it is useful to do eMail Marketing

Despite the growth of social networks and spam messages (which, by the way, never represent a good marketing strategy), eMail Marketing remains the most effective way to communicate with potential customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones. There are several reasons for using eMail Marketing, and below, you will find three of them:

Email is channel no. 1 communication

 Did you know that at least 99% of Internet users check their email account daily? This cannot be said about any other communication channel. Therefore, your message should reach the inbox of your consumers.

You are in control

You must have a consistent and coherent presence on social networks. But, for various reasons, an account can be suspended or even deleted. And all your fans and posts will disappear with him. In the case of eMail Marketing, you are the one who owns the address list. You are in control.

High conversion rate

Studies show that users who buy products sold by email spend 138% more than those who do not receive offers through this communication channel. In fact, some data shows that eMail Marketing has a return on investment of 4400%. Enormous! In other words, eMail Marketing is simply the best way to increase online sales. In comparison, with social networks, the average value of the order through eMail Marketing is at least three times higher. Therefore, using this communication channel is essential.

There are many types of messages that we can use in these eMail Marketing campaigns. Each one has a different purpose and a certain way to interact with the audience that you managed to build over time. Here are several types of eMail Marketing, as well as how we can use them to communicate with our community:

Welcome email

With this type of message, you set the tone of the discussion and help users learn more about your product or service. You can offer them the opportunity to get a demo, to receive a welcome bonus or discount.


These messages are like newsletters. Very popular, newsletters help us present certain new products or services. They may also include articles or reviews from existing customers. Usually, they also contain a call-to-action, that is, through these newsletters you encourage users to take a certain action - to read a new post on the blog, to check a new product, to pre-order a certain service.

Email for generating conversions

This type of email is sent, in particular, to a group of potential customers interested in a certain product or service. It can be followed by several messages that offer additional information or relevant promotions. The goal of this email to generate conversions is to make the user move from the consideration stage to the purchase stage.

Confirmation email

This type of message is sent to those who, through, for example, newsletters or conversion emails, bought a product online for the first time and receive confirmation of the successful registration of their action. Also, through this email you can provide additional information about this purchase - invoice, delivery information.

Promotional email

Some of the most used types of messages, promotional emails tend to be generic and address a wide audience, reminding them of certain offers or campaigns or promoting certain new products.

Questionnaire email

 Customer feedback is one of the best growth tools for any business. That's why it's very important to use a questionnaire-type email effectively. Through this, you have to show the clients that you value their opinion and that you want to create an experience, a product or a service that they can enjoy and that will meet a certain need. And you have to show that their feedback is very important and that it will be used. Moreover, you can apply the results obtained through this questionnaire-type email when building certain offers or campaigns.

Seasonal email

Last but not least, it is very important to have constant communication with your community. And to be able to personalize your messages as much as possible. The holiday season, certain special occasions (for example, birthdays or the anniversary of your customer) are very good times to send a special message. Thus, for Christmas, Valentine's Day or March 1st, you can send your customers a seasonal email with a special message and you can take the opportunity to promote certain contextual products or promotions from the respective period.

This marketing channel can be used to achieve several business objectives. But, to be effective, it must be strategically thought and adapted to the needs of your community. How do we do that? Below are some steps that we should follow when thinking about how eMail Marketing is done:

How to establish the eMail Marketing strategy

Before you start, you need an efficient strategy that will show you which messages to use in the eMail Marketing campaigns you propose to develop. These must coincide with what people want to read. That's why a plan is needed, one that can be broken down into a few key steps:

Define your audience

An effective email is a relevant one. Like any other marketing action, start by defining your buyer. You can create several buyer personas to consider when you make these eMail Marketing strategies (it is recommended not to have more than three personas). Understand what your client wants and adapt your email campaign to his needs.

Establishes the objectives of the campaign

Before setting your campaign objectives, do an analysis to see what the context is and what your competitors are doing. Collect as many statistics as possible about the market and build some benchmarks to help you set realistic goals.

Create the email list

Obviously, you cannot start any eMail Marketing Romania campaign before you gather a list of email addresses to send your messages to. What is this? Simply put, an email list means a group of users who have given their permission to receive relevant content from you. This step requires time and effort. And it should be an action to work on constantly. However difficult it may be to build this list, it is very important not to get discouraged. Treat each subscriber as the most important customer and, over time, the email list will grow organically.

Choose a campaign type

As we saw above, there are several types of emails that we can use. It is very important to choose the effective combination between them. Set the right frequency for them - send a weekly newsletter, which holidays do you choose to send a seasonal email, etc. And to choose the right content for these emails - which products are we promoting, which blog posts are worth sharing, etc. We also recommend that you configure different lists according to each type of email sent. You can send the newsletter to the entire customer base, but you want certain promotions to be addressed only to users who have reached your community in the last month. It is important to send emails that are relevant to your customers. Otherwise, you risk being unsubscribed.

Establishes the campaign calendar

After you have built your email list and chosen which type of campaign you will choose to communicate with your customers, it is very important to decide how often you want to send them messages and which email to use every time. Establish the campaign calendar and be consistent. Otherwise, you risk having large unsubscribe lists or even that your messages end up as spam.

Measure results

Finally, as in any other marketing activity, you must measure the results of the campaigns. This step is vital, so never skip it. In this way, you will know what to modify and what to put more emphasis on to obtain better results in the future. Set from the beginning which KPIs you want to use and, very importantly, make sure there are some that you can easily monitor.

Do you want to have more sales from eMail Marketing?

We start with a detailed analysis of your account. We evaluate by fish 15 strategy audit criteria for your subscriber base:

  • What the send
  • nail send
  • When send
  • Why everything you do now does not bring you higher sales

In the end, you have a clear picture of what works for you and a plan for the unexplored potential for this marketing channel.

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