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Find the right people for a fluent activity. Scaling a business depends on every member of your team. With the Recruitment & HR service, we take care of identifying the specialists who will help you increase sales and reduce the costs of your business.

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An outstanding business grows with an outstanding team

So that you can focus on business growth and your business objectives, it is essential to have a team with the same values that your company relies on in its daily processes. 

Working with a strong team, together with which you can grow your business to the level you want, the challenges you face will be overcome more easily, and your activity will unfold as you proposed.

The Recruitment Support Package from eComMasters offers you the tools you need at every stage of the hiring process.

In this package you have access to:

  • Filtering candidates in LinkedIn
  • Short preliminary interview with TOP 10 candidates 
  • Definition of selection criteria
  • Long interview with the selected candidates (TOP 3)
  • Collaboration proposal to the chosen person (commercial conditions, job description and performance indicators)
You have 4 options for promoting your business online.

Choose the best one!

Do nothing

You focus on traffic and hope it works. You no longer have time for business or growth. Your business decreases or increases uncontrollably and unpredictably. Hope is not a strategy.


You develop everything only with your own resources: time, people, money. You form a new team to develop, manage and maintain your growth strategy. You work to create something that already exists.

Another agency

You get the generic "Recipe for success" for any online store. You implement internally, without responsibility for the results. An analysis is only half the effort, without concrete actions.


We take over everything related to our product from you. We create a tactical strategy and implement it for you. From A to Z, with experts and dedicated tools. You have time for business, transparent reporting and visible sales results.

How do we do that?

Finding the right candidates can be a challenge

We know that you want to work with a balanced team. That's why we follow the entire procedure of integrating the selected candidates into the team and adapt the process until the result matches your requirements.

The guarantee of the Recruiting Support package extends for a period of 3 months, during which we can resume step 5 of the process, if there is a need to renegotiate the collaboration conditions (in case the candidate does not correspond).

*The guarantee is valid for 3 months, and the Collaboration Proposal step can be redone 2 times


You are still curious about Recounting & HR

The selection of (suitable) partners represents, in short, the success of your company. When you want your brand to grow, you need experts by your side to help you get where you want to be.
The selection of partners refers to the identification of those companies or those experts who are specialists in various fields and who help you, with their experience, to satisfy the needs of your customers and your business.
The involvement of these partners can open up a lot of opportunities for you, from market expansion, to access to new customer segments, and to the development of new business opportunities.
Our team is made up of experts from several fields, all prepared to understand your business, helping you to increase its notoriety. We offer you more than connection and we are actively involved in ensuring a lasting and fruitful relationship.

It is important to pay special attention to the partner selection process.
We must, first of all, identify the needs of the business, in order to clearly understand the skills, resources and specialists we need to achieve the established objectives.
It is important to analyze and compare several specialists before deciding which is the expert that best corresponds to the requirements, needs and values of the business.
After we clap, we establish clear and transparent rules, to make sure that we are all on the same page and working together for the same goal.
A discussion about responsibilities and terms and conditions follows, and then all we have to do is implement and manage the partnerships, to ensure the success of your business.

Selecting the right partners can bring multiple benefits to your business. We increase performance thanks to the experience of specialists and the resources they can offer.
Also, collaboration with specialists can open more doors for us - even to clients we would not have thought to approach. And if the business does not offer exactly what the customer needs, some skilled partners can help with the diversification of the offer.
Successful partners can help us not only reach our goals, but even exceed them. So you can rest easy, having more time for business and enjoying higher sales, while we take care of your business from A to Z, with experts and dedicated tools.
We don't hide behind our fingers. We offer you open-ended, honest and objective suggestions - all for the good of your business!

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