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You have 4 reasons to start today with us:

Transparent costs

No minimum monthly commitment and no binding long-term contracts. You only pay when we work.

Personalized services

We customize each service according to the unique goals and needs of your business.

Concrete results

We continuously optimize the strategy so that you can reach your goals. We find solutions, monitor performance and offer you real-time access to the results obtained.

More sales

Our services cover all aspects, from strategy development to effective implementation. So that you can sell more and spend less.

Here is what we have to offer

Our services

Email Marketing

Email is still a powerful and effective communication channel in marketing. Discover how we can help your business send the right messages, at the right time and to the right audience, through eMail Marketing campaigns.

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Loyalty programs

Customer loyalty is essential for the growth of your business. Discover how we can help your business to keep its customers in the long term and turn them into ambassadors of your brand, through a customized loyalty program.

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PPC (Google/Meta)

With our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) service, we turn clicks into conversions and visitors into loyal customers. Using the Google and Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram), we create personalized advertising campaigns oriented towards the results you want.

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Behind every click on a search result hides the opportunity to turn your visitors into customers. With our comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) services, we help you rank higher in the organic search listings and be found where it matters most.

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Organic Social Media

Social media is not only about being present, but also about creating authentic connections with your audience. With our Organic Social Media service, we ensure that your message is delivered in an engaging and relevant way, building brand loyalty and engagement in your online community.

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Google Analytics (GA4)

Data is the power behind every digital decision. With our Google Analytics (GA4) service, we not only collect and analyze data about traffic and user behavior on your website, but also transform this information into actionable insights for your business.

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Webshop optimization plan

User experience is essential for the success of your online store. Discover how we can help your business create a memorable and pleasant digital experience for customers, through a UI/UX optimization plan with over 450 evaluation criteria.

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B2B Onboarding and loyalty

Although B2B customers may be different from B2C customers, it is equally important to keep them loyal and keep them loyal. Discover how we can help your business build solid partnerships with B2B customers through our onboarding and loyalty program.

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LinkedIn promotion

LinkedIn is a powerful social network for business and can be an important tool for growing a business. Discover how we can help your business build a coherent promotion and connect with the right customers and partners, through our LinkedIn promotion service.

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The business optimization plan

The business optimization plan is designed to propel your business to new heights of success. Through this personalized service, we offer strategies tailored to the specific needs of your company, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and maximizing profitability.

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eComMasters tools

Our expertise

Tools we use every day to deliver outstanding results

Email Marketing & Loyalty tool
eMail Marketing tool
eMail Marketing tool
eMail Marketing tool
eMail Marketing tool
Well done
eMail Marketing tool
eMail Marketing tool
eMail Marketing tool
eMail Marketing tool
Adobe Photoshop
Photo editor
Adobe Premiere
Video editing tool
Adobe Lightroom
Photo editor
Video editing tool
Virtual video production software
Competitor analysis & listening tool
Social Media Marketing Platform
Web content management system
Collaborative design tool
Google Analytics 4
Web analytics service
Google Search Console
Web indexing service
Google Trends
Keyword research tool
Google Tag Manager
Tag management system
Google Ads
Online Ads
Website Builder for WordPress
Website Builder for WordPress
SEO Tools & Resources
SEO Tools & Resources
Feedback & collaboration
Visual Studio Code
Code Editor
Envato Elements
Stock resources
The eComMasters team

We are the "Ne" from Unconventional.... and WE like it like crazy!

Our ability to combine creativity and experience in e-commerce makes us your superheroes in the digital world.
Let's get to know each other!

Cosmin Costea
Founder & CEO
Madalin Gongeanu
Operations Manager
Iulian Badara
Head of Operations
Diana Badelita
Email Marketing & Loyalty Expert
Emilia Albu
Process Optimization Manager
Ioannis Dionysatos
Logistics Process Expert
Gheorghe Tabacu
Alexia Briota
eCommerce Audit Specialist
Adriana Ardelean
Operations Specialist
Lorena Florescu
Data Research Specialist
Gabriel Badger
Web Design Expert
David Bejan
Graphic Designer
Adrian Stan
Adrian Stan
Graphic Designer
Bianca Vaida
Digital Specialist
Roberto Catea
Digital Specialist
Cristina Neagu
Digital Specialist
Roxana Popescu
Digital Specialist
Dragos Szabo
Head of PPC
Luciana Cioaca
Telemarketing Manager
Andrea Grigore
Digital Specialist
Alex Michael
Video Editing & Graphic Designer
Razvan Voina
Email Marketing & Loyalty Expert
Mihaela Murariu
Copywriter & Content Writer
Sorina Rus
Copywriter & Content Writer
eComMasters projects

Industries in which we specialized

We have helped companies from different industries to reach their desired goals: increasing sales and decreasing costs. Both in the B2B and B2C environments. We can help you too.


They speak well of us

What entrepreneurs who have worked with us say:

Dr. Ing. Dan-Eugen Birtu

Managing Partner

Testimonial eComMasters - Dr. Ing. Dan-Eugen Birtu

We collaborated with eComMasters for eCommerce consulting and they showed involvement and dedication in understanding our business....

Bogdana Poenaru

eCommerce Manager |

Testimonial Bogdana Poenaru

We chose eComMasters because from the first meeting with Cosmin Costea we realized that his experience in...

Paul Mario Goicov

Sportsman, CEO & Founder Knockout Store


One of the only courses I can follow and APPLY immediately. I liked this the most...



It complements your confidence in what you know and always talking to others in that field, new ideas come to you, you learn...

Ionut Rotariu


If you haven't started with the store, if you haven't started with eCommerce, at least start with a course, so that you have something left...

Eduard Zacharias

Owner - ZED Industrial Automation


From my point of view, the videos you make are super cool. With my experience not only in eCommerce,...

Gregory Mihai

Digital Manager -


The course is very interesting from the point of view of the logical structure, it offers you a framework with some well-defined steps to...

Adriana Szasz

Marketing M. - Salone Magic


I really wanted to take this eCommerce course precisely to understand this area much better, practically...

Cristina Golasiu

Process Improvement Manager - SEA Romania


From my point of view, the most effective were the case studies with colleagues, their experiences in various fields...

Robert Ciudica

Senior Software Engineer - eCommerce


For me, this course was comprised of all the information I knew and the ones I didn't...

Stefan Pandele

Founder -


Cosmin's course is a must-have for anyone in the sales area, because it teaches you how to organize your company...

Senta Arvay

Owner - Einschenk


This eCommerce course, which lasted 2 hours per session, is an introductory course in business and...


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In an extremely competitive online environment, store owners face considerable challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. Choosing a Marketing agency brings you the necessary expertise and resources to maximize the results of your campaigns. It gives you a better effect for sales, low costs and less or zero effort for you and your team.

Personalized digital marketing strategy

Marketing agencies have the necessary experience to create personalized strategies, specifically adapted to the needs and objectives of each online store. These strategies include website optimization, email marketing campaigns, loyalty programs and content marketing to reach the target audience.

Analysis and constant monitoring

Marketing agencies monitor the performance of the campaigns, analyzing the data and adjusting the strategies according to the results obtained. This data-driven approach allows continuous optimization of marketing efforts to achieve the desired results. 

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