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Maximize profit with a personalized loyalty program

Although there are many strategies to gain new customers, it can be difficult to keep existing ones, to convince them to come back and buy again.

If you want to increase your sales and to keep your customers loyal, then you need one loyalty program.

The loyalty program is a powerful tool to reward loyal customers, to make them feel appreciated and to give them an extra reason to return to your online store.

Through rewards and exclusive advantages, you can build a strong relationship with your customers.

And loyal customers are more likely to buy more, to buy more often and to recommend your online store to other potential customers.

The loyalty program is the vital step in your business care strategy differentiates you from the competition, brings you higher sales with lower cost and helps your business to become more profitable in the long term.

Solutions for lower costs and higher sales

Why you need a loyalty program for your business

Have you ever wondered what happens after a customer has already bought from you? How does the collaboration with your webshop or business proceed, from his perspective?

If, after the order is delivered, you give up the opportunity to continue selling to him, you miss an important chance to increase the level of satisfaction, the perception of the business, but also your profit

A customer loyalty program is essential for any business that wants to increase sales and retain existing customers. Investments in marketing are important to attract new customers, but keeping existing customers is equally important. Through the loyalty program, your business can create a strong connection with customers and can stimulate repeat sales.

With a loyalty program, customers are rewarded for their loyalty to your brand and for repeat purchases.

And this makes them feel appreciated as well to return to your online store to make new purchases. 

Moreover, they will become more willing to recommend your business to friends and family, helping to increase your customer base.

Why you need a loyalty program

What can your business gain from the loyalty program?

benefits the implementation of a loyalty program for your business cannot be matched by other marketing strategies. Unlike the plans to generate new customers, the loyalty of the current ones also brings you:

  • Repeat sales
  • A strong relationship of your brand preference
  • An advantage over your competitors
  • Greater satisfaction of those who buy from you
  • A method of promotion with much lower costs

An effective loyalty program can turn regular customers into ambassadors of your brand, which will bring other customers and increase the sales of your business. The more rewards and benefits you offer to your customers, the more they will they will continue to place new orders in your store online.

How to apply the loyalty strategy for your business

Why you need the eCommasters team to develop a successful loyalty program

  • We have know-how for eLoyalty – we have helped businesses from over 13 niches and we have over 85 successful projects
  • We apply it integrated approach to grow your business - we take into account every aspect of the customer journey and help you optimize every decisive point in it
  • Every loyalty program developed by us is personalized - your business also needs specific objectives, and our team integrates them into a plan that includes them as a unit
  • We monitor permanently RESULTS the program and we adapt it to ensure that you will reach the set goals
  • Choose to work with a team of professionals, with concrete results in increasing sales and customer retention. 
Why you need a loyalty program

What is the impact of a loyalty program?

  • Adding a loyalty program to an online store can triple the sales volume
  • 75% from consumers they say they are more willing to make a new purchase after receiving a reward
  • Stores with a loyalty program increase income 2.5 times faster compared to other companies in their industry
  • 64% from loyalty program members spend more to collect more points
  • 62% from members of Generation Z are strongly influenced by loyalty programs 
You have 4 options for promoting your business online.

Choose the best one!

Do nothing

You focus on traffic and hope it works. You no longer have time for business or growth. Your business decreases or increases uncontrollably and unpredictably. Hope is not a strategy.


You develop everything only with your own resources: time, people, money. You form a new team to develop, manage and maintain your growth strategy. You work to create something that already exists.

Another agency

You get the generic "Recipe for success" for any online store. You implement internally, without responsibility for the results. An analysis is only half the effort, without concrete actions.


We take over everything related to our product from you. We create a tactical strategy and implement it for you. From A to Z, with experts and dedicated tools. You have time for business, transparent reporting and visible sales results.

What is the process?

Concrete actions for concrete results

Audit based on concrete data


It includes:

Strategy and Planning


It includes:

Finance and Legal


It includes:

Program Setup


It includes:

Communication Program


It includes:



It includes:

Management and Optimization


It includes:

Still curious about loyalty programs?

The loyalty program is a powerful tool to reward loyal customers, to make them feel appreciated and to give them an extra reason to return to your online store.
It's a way of saying "thank you for being with me". And once the customer sees that he is appreciated and, more than that, he is also rewarded, he will choose to buy from you again.
The way a loyalty program works is simple: the customer buys from you, and you choose to offer him something in exchange - in the form of points in his account, in the form of gifts, in the form of discounts.
However, we are not only talking about material "rewards", but also about creating emotional bonds based on trust. By offering them rewards and benefits, customers will feel special and appreciated, and when they need a product from the range of products you sell, they will choose to return to your business, instead of going to the competition.
Loyalty programs help you get to know your customers, thanks to the fact that you can analyze the data they provide. In this way, you get valuable insights about the needs and preferences of customers, something that gives you the opportunity to go to them with personalized offers.

Loyal customers are more likely to buy more and buy more often. We all know how important investments are to bring in new customers. But have you thought that, for you, it is more advantageous to keep a loyal customer than to invest in a new one? It brings you more sales at a lower cost.
And when your client is happy with what you offer, he will talk about you to other people. It will become a small brand ambassador and, through word-of-mouth, it will make your business even better known.
A loyalty program helps you build strong relationships with your customers, who will love you and want to return to your store to make new purchases.
In short, why is it important to have a loyalty program?
- Keep existing customers close
- Customers will prefer the benefits offered by you, to the detriment of the competition
– Repeat sales increase
- You build beautiful relationships with clients
- Free promotion through recommendations made by clients to potential clients

Smart strategies, genuine relationships and a sincere commitment are the elements that will lead you to winning the hearts of your customers. Loyalty, in itself, is an art, and we are here to help you master it.
Get to know your customers in depth, understand them and offer them what they need. Make analyses, identify buying patterns and personalize the experience of those who cross the "threshold" of your store.
Create a loyalty program that steals the eye: it must be attractive, interesting and valuable. It offers rewards and benefits for repeated purchases, gives points for purchases, offers discounts or free products on orders.
Communicate constantly and honestly with your customers, to make them loyal. Here we are not only talking about material benefits, but also human ones. Of course, you can offer them special benefits, depending on the behaviors you have observed through your analyses, but remember to be close to them when they need you. Respond promptly to their questions, pay attention to their concerns, offer assistance to resolve any dissatisfaction in a professional but friendly manner.
Some ways of customer loyalty are:
– Personalized communication
– Rewards and points programs
– Special offers only for customers
– Reference program
– Pleasant experience
– Quality support
– Feedback from customers
Make customers feel valued and important because, after all, they are! They represent the engine of your business and they must be aware of how important they are to your business.

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