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Webshop Audit and Optimization Plan

Your online store needs the best strategy to increase conversions through a better user experience. 

The Webshop Audit and Optimization Plan package helps you turn your development plans into reality.

With recommendations made by eCommerce experts, you will have a concrete action plan and help at every step to increase the conversion rate and sales of your online store.

How do we do that?

What does the audit and the optimization plan entail?

We have segmented this process into 4 stages of analysis, which will bring you a unified perspective on your business:

360 audit

Audit of your online store and 3 competitors based on +450 eComMasters audit criteria.


Concrete recommendations and an action plan to increase the conversion rate and for webshop development.


Prioritization of recommendations based on the two eComMasters formulas, which divide actions into 4 categories.

The action plan

An implementation plan that clearly structures the managers involved.

More than suggestions, a concrete plan of action

How does it work?

After defining the implementation plan, we will go to the next step and divide the initiatives into 3 types

  1. Do It For You = improvements that the eComMasters team will implement for your website
  2. Do It With You = improvements that we will implement together 
  3. Do It Yourself = improvements that your team will implement alone or with external partners
You have 4 options for promoting your business online.

Choose the best one!

Do nothing

You focus on traffic and hope it works. You no longer have time for business or growth. Your business decreases or increases uncontrollably and unpredictably. Hope is not a strategy.


You develop everything only with your own resources: time, people, money. You form a new team to develop, manage and maintain your growth strategy. You work to create something that already exists.

Another agency

You get the generic "Recipe for success" for any online store. You implement internally, without responsibility for the results. An analysis is only half the effort, without concrete actions.


We take over everything related to our product from you. We create a tactical strategy and implement it for you. From A to Z, with experts and dedicated tools. You have time for business, transparent reporting and visible sales results.

We reduce costs and increase profit!

What's next for your business?


Are you still curious about the Webshop optimization plan?

Website optimization aims to improve the capacity of a website to achieve its goals. To achieve this improvement, an A/B test is implemented, in order to be able to differentiate and observe which variant generates the most conversions (more purchases, high number of organic searches, etc.)

Did you know that a person needs about a minute to form his opinion about your website?
In that minute he will make the decision if he will continue searching on your site or if he will give up. Although we like to think that we "don't judge a book by its cover", most of the time websites are judged quickly. That is why it is necessary to make a good impression from the first moments.
Moreover, your website can affect marketing strategies, website traffic, conversions and the number of purchases. So, if you want to make sure that you do things right and you want the people who enter your website to stay there and sell more, we are here for you!

The main steps you must consider for optimizing your webshop are:
SEO – It is a differentiating factor that helps search engines to understand who a brand is, what it sells and why it is among the best.
Correct title and descriptions – Title tags and meta descriptions are also very important. But you also need to pay more attention to contact information, branding and promotions to capture the attention of your customers.
Use Call to Action - make sure your target audience knows when to click and invite them to take action.
Mobile version – The experience on the mobile phone must be impeccable and easy to use Considering that most people browse websites on the phone.
Highlight the discounts – Make sure that when the customer enters your website, the first thing they see are the discounts.

Let's do an exercise in imagination: You have invested time, energy and money in a website, and at the end you notice that no one visits it or those who do do not spend enough time on it
What is the reason? Probably the optimization of the site was not correct or complete. Taking into account your competition and the competitive environment, you must make sure that you create a user experience as simple and attractive as possible for your client. Also, SEO and Call-to-action are necessary to make the customer convert.
So, if you have a business and are looking for ways to improve the user experience on your website, increase your sales and get more traffic to your website, you have come to the right place.
If you wonder what the conclusion is and what optimization of your webshop helps you with, here are some points that will surely help you understand:
Conversions will increase = more sales
Your website traffic will increase = more sales
You offer an improved user experience = more sales
You improve the visibility of your brand = more sales

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