What you need to know to do eMail Marketing effectively

In the hectic eCommerce universe, eMail Marketing is like a magician who makes things happen that you didn't think were possible. Through a well-structured eMail Marketing campaign, you can create magical links with your customers, you can stimulate sales and you can make your brand memorable.

So, let's unearth the hidden treasures of eMail Marketing and see how you can create a campaign that converts and brings buyers back to your online store.


First Action - Clarity of objectives

Before you start juggling emojis and GIFs in your emails, you need to set your goals clearly. What do you want to achieve with this campaign? Do you want to sell more, increase your subscriber list or make the world know more about your brand? to eComMasters, our eMail Marketing strategies always have 3 goal areas: Conversion, Retention and Loyalty

Don't forget who you are talking to via e-mails! The better you understand what your customers want to hear - their interests, desires, and needs - the more you can create better and more personalized messages.


What are you actually sending? 

Content is like the secret ingredient to a delicious recipe. Your messages must be attractive, relevant and provide value to your subscribers. Use captivating topics, quality images and persuasive copywriting to keep your readers' attention. Oh, and don't forget to add a clear action button, which prompts them to do something - to buy a product, enter the website, leave a review or keep in touch with you on Social Media.


Segmentation and Personalization - Who gets what?

Another great trick is segmentation and personalization. With the help of eMail Marketing platforms, you can divide the list of subscribers into groups based on different criteria - like their shopping history, location or preferences. Then, you can send them personalized messages, just the way they like it. The more suitable they are for their interests, the better the Complete Order button looks.


Automation – A Helper of Hope

Email Marketing doesn't have to be an exhausting obstacle course. You can automate many of the processes to make your life easier. For example, you can send a message of "Welcome!" automatically as soon as someone subscribes to your newsletter or you can activate campaigns to recover abandoned baskets to encourage shopping.

If a subscriber is constantly looking at a certain category of products on your site, you can send them special offers for those products. Or you can congratulate customers on their birthday with a personalized message and a special discount. Automations give you the perfect opportunity to keep a relevant communication, without making a continuous effort. And they are responsible for a click rate with 150% greater than that of manually sent campaigns (crazy, right?).


Performance Analysis - Learn from Your Magic

You can't improve something you don't measure. So, after sending the magic messages, you have to look at the results. See how many people open emails, how many click, how many buy - and analyze what works and what doesn't. Then you make adjustments accordingly.

For example, if the open rates are lower than you hoped, you can experiment with more exciting topics or offer more relevant content. With each experiment, you become a true master of eMail Marketing.


And don't forget, your secret ally in this magical journey is a intuitive tool. A tool that helps you create friendly templates and track the results easily. With his help, you will become a true master of eMail Marketing and you will constantly talk to your customers.

And when your brand always remains in their minds, guess where they will buy from?


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